Thursday, February 17, 2011

CIRCLE JOURNAL 2010-2011: Passion

I really struggled for inspiration with this month's Circle Journal entry. The theme for Rosanna's journal was Passion. Wow this could be translated a bazillion different ways - my mind was overwhelmed.

I usually start by thumbing through the other participant's pages hoping that something will spark an idea. Next, I research the person's blog looking for anything that I can personally connect with. Often times it will be a color, photograph, or maybe something they like to collect. 

The problem is... I connect with Rosanna on so many levels.  We seem to be passionate about the same things: fabrics, embroidery, gardening, design - I could go on and on. She has had some of the most fascinating occupations, in fact, when I grow up I want to BE Rosanna. 

Normally this wealth of information would make the process easy... but instead I froze up with an artist's version of writer's block (did I just call myself an artist?)

Finally, a slight glimmer of an idea was found. Several participant's had printed out pictures and decoupaged them onto the pages with sweet phrases and famous quotes. Since I have done paintings/drawings in the other journals I hated to just print out a picture. Then I started thinking about an exercise that I learned in the class I took to prepare for this Circle Journal. You take a clipping of a photograph or magazine and you paint on top of the picture. This is a great lesson in understanding highlights and shadows. And that's what I did. 

The picture is one of my all time favorites from a magazine. I scanned and then printed onto paper for acrylic paints. I also scanned one of my favorite vintage fabrics.  I then painted over top of these pictures taking some creative license.



CrochetBlogger said...

Gorgeous! Circle journals are a lot of fun. :)

Dianne said...

Very Cool

Kelly said...

Love it!!!!! I guess you escaped your artist block!! And definitely YES you ARE AN ARTIST - on so many levels!!!!

twelvedaysold said...

You started this with a magazine clipping? Craziness! I love her expression. It turned out absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

OMG I have a copy of the illustration of this woman, it was put on a cover for the blank diaries and papyrus sells them. I love it too!

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