Monday, January 3, 2011

Elise Shawl for Granny Jo

Sprinkled among The Big Quilt Project, I managed to make a little something for Granny Jo (my step-mom's mom.)  I have heard about her over the years but just recently got to meet her in person. She is the sweetest little lady and already we have made lots of memories of gathering around MaMa's dining room table heads bent over a puzzle .

I found a free pattern called the Elise Shawl that was exactly what I was looking for.  I worked two strands of crochet thread together at the same time. Maybe you have a special Granny Jo you can make one for.


Anonymous said...

She adores it and cant wait to wear it. I'm so happy you two finally got to meet and become so close so quick, but then that's why both of you are so sweet and special to me.
Love ya

twelvedaysold said...

I love a beige shawl. Looks great!

Tink's Stuff said...


Anonymous said...


How do you get this pattern? It is so hard to get patterns that are shown in pinterest. Why can't you just click on it to get the pattern. As you can see I am already frustrated. Thank you

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