Sunday, January 2, 2011

The BIG Reveal

I can finally share the BIG project I talked about back in October now that the gifts have been safely delivered.

When I was a little girl, my MaMa, who was an amazingly talented quilter, made each of the grandchildren a quilt. She and Nanny (her mother) were members of a church quilting bee and each quilt was hand stitched with love.  Having that quilt reminds me of her and the many happy summers spent at her house. It's a reminder of the past and  it gives me a sense of connection to her and simpler times when our family had not yet been fragmented by divorce.

I wanted the next generation -my kids and my brother's and sister's kids to have a connection to their childhood that will surely pass in a blink of an eye.... and the idea was born.


The project began with a baby gift of an heirloom hand-cut chenille blanket for my brother's baby Miss S. that was born in October.


Next, I made minky blankets with mitered border for each one of the grandchildren using this tutorial.  I made them quite a bit larger than the tutorial called for and then appliqu├ęd their names on the minky side. It was so much fun searching for fabrics that represented each of the kid's personalities. Not all of the blankets are shown, there were 10 in total.


This year is my Dad and Step-Mom's 20th wedding anniversary. I really wanted to make something special to mark the occasion. Then it hit me... I would take pieces of each one of the grandchildren's blankets and make a quilt for them.  This was a very daunting task.  I had never made a quilt before. I pressed onwards, finding this pattern  and my confidence grew a little. I took my time enjoying the process.  I even got a little cocky and pushed the envelope by making matching pillow shams. I couldn't be happier with the results.... Although I do recommended starting with a smaller project than the King Sized quilt I made - if it's your first quilting project.

For me, the smiles on the recipients faces is what life is all about. I dedicate this post in loving memory of my MaMa.....



walking the yarn said...

How very lovely!

The Sole Sisters Collective said...

Very beautiful Tracey, a very nice surprise.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is absolutely amazing! Wonderful talent and design!

twelvedaysold said...

Every part of this was absolutely exquisite. I especially loved the children's names. So beautiful! Great job!

Dolly said...

What a wonderful idea !
Your first quilt ! That's fantastic....I can't believe you started with a KING SIZE !
Did you quilt it yourself, too? On a regular machine, or was it long-arm quilted.

It is just beautiful, and so meaningful, and so fun for all the grandchildren to pick out THEIR octagon !

the jilted ballerina said...

I quilted it on a regular machine.... OH MY! Thank goodness I did a little research before diving in or else I'm not sure I would have been successful. I found this website indispensable for making large quilts http://www.suite101.com/content/make-a-large-quilt-in-sections-to-reduce-strain-a149256

I can only dream of the day when I can afford a long arm :-)

Anonymous said...

That is breathtakingly beautiful, and your creations constantly amaze me...especially how you pair colors. You have a true gift. I found your blog while researching You Tube on how to read a pattern, and I've been in awe ever since. :) Cheers!

Jana Hamarova said...

I'm impressed by your work!!!

annielizabeth said...

Wow, Tracey...stunningly beautiful. Takes my breath away. Hope you have a truly wonderful and creative new year. Hugs, Annie

Tammy said...

Beautiful & amazing that this was your first quilt project. thank you for the link to how to quilt in sections tutorial. I think I'll use that and try my hand at actually quilting a queen-size quilt! Thank you for sharing.

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