Friday, September 17, 2010

Stash Bustin'

I've been busy with a huge project... more to come in a later post... can't risk spoilers till the entire project is complete.  

Other than that I am desperate to bust my stash.  Basically it's all those endless skeins of yarn left over from previous projects.  This yarn is literally EATING my closet. A great stash buster is any pattern that uses a multitude of random colors.  

With that said...this is a really simple pattern for the ever popular African Flower Hexagon. They can be used for a bazillion things as they fit together like a puzzle.

The beginnings of my stash busting...Haven't gotten very far...LOL the other project has been keeping me busy.


...now for some inspiration on how to use these lovely hex'es


Chair Cushion Cover



Photos ©MoxyCrochet

For More Ideas Visit the African Flower Flickr Group


katlupe said...

Your pieces bring back so many memories for me. My mother and her sisters all crocheted their whole lives. Even when my mother's health was bad and she was bedridden she still crocheted. She made over 50 baby sweaters for me to sell and her hands were shaking but she loved doing it. I love that purse! So pretty.

Tiziana Nidodilana said...

I like crochet and knitting and this creations are beautiful!
mi blog is

the jilted ballerina said...

@katlupe - what wonderful memories. It reminds me of generations past, and inspires me to pass it along to the next generation.

@Tiziana - Thank you for following my blog!

annielizabeth said...

Hi Tracey, Ooooh how pretty! Can't wait to see what'yer workin' on!

Anonymous said...

I really like those pink squares. Certainly relate to the stash busting. The amount of yarn I have is kind of embarrassing. I put myself on a yarn diet a long time ago, but only seeing a tiny amount of progress. I really need to get myself together and finish some of my WIP's and then I'd have plenty of finished pretty stash busting projects like you.

I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award and would love for you to come by and pick it up when you have time.

Here is the direct link:

Sandy said...

What lovely work!!! My grandma used to crochet and taught me how. Its been many years since I did some though. I LOVE the blanket, and then the chair cushion cover, the wonderful mix of colors, and then the blue purse!1 How cool is it!! Love your blog and your art.
xo Sandy

Deana said...

I just found your video tutorial on the Lover's Knot Shrug. I've crocheted for years and seen this 'knotted' pattern but never knew it was good old simple chain stitch and single crochet. Who knew? Well, now as leader of my local yarnie group, I feel so smart! it's all thanks to your tut though, because the pattern directions made no sense to me. Thanks so much the for time and effort that you put into the video and it's process! I know it was a lot of work.

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