Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Forgotten Queen

This queen is not very well known, in fact she is known simply as "the forgotten Queen." I bet you can guess which country she was the first Queen of by the clue she is holding.



twelvedaysold said...


Suzie Q said...

I love the little details, like the shoes :)

katlupe said...

I love the eyes!

the jilted ballerina said...

Yep... it's Marie~Louise, Belgium's first Queen. I had never heard of her before, how about you?

I found a portrait of her wearing a deep purple velvet gown, her hair in ringlets laced with violets. Of course she was not holding a Belgian waffle, but I figured no one would ever guess who she was without it.

Sandy said...

That is so clever, putting a waffle in her hands. She is beautiful and I love all the purple. You are very talented. I am taking painting classes and I talk a bit about it on my blog. I am still trying how to do good flowers, and faces are way out of my league. Thank you for following me on Twitter.
xo Sandy@TobyandMax.com

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