Monday, July 26, 2010

Bonnet Tutorial Link

The Baby Bonnet Tutorial is now Live..... Hope you give this pattern a try


twelvedaysold said...

Thanks for this! There's a guy I work with whose wife is having a baby girl next month, and this would be a great gift. Now that I'm all adventurous with crocheting.

And you said you weren't as confident with your knitting skillz, and HEY! You made this knitter crochet, you can definitely knit!

Kelly said...

I love your accent!!!!!! Its like seeing only part of a picture though, dang it, why couldn't we move my province and your state closer?!?!?!

Corine Moore said...

Your bonnet is beautiful! What fun. :) I used to crochet straight lines when I was a kid. I loved that my mother taught me how to do many things simply... I do wish I would have continued to do some of it!!! Perhaps I will pick it up again one day and actually make something.

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