Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vintage Duplicate Stitch

The duplicate stitch is a not-so-well known technique of using a yarn needle to stitch a pattern over a knitted piece. I stumbled across this Vintage Pattern  and  was determined to make one.  I was surprised by how little information existed on the internet on how to implement the technique. It took me days, but through trial and error, I finally figured it out. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head.  Armed with a piece of graph paper, knitting needles, and some yarn, the possibilities were endless. 

IMHO it works best with stockinette stitch and it quite literally means to duplicate the knitted stitch with  (typically) a contrasting color yarn to create a pattern.  The graph paper corresponds to your knitted piece of material. Each square on the graph represents a knitted stitch on your knitted piece. The tutorial below shows an example.

Now that you can read the chart and correlate it to your knitted piece. Let's learn the actual duplicate stitch.

As you can see using this technique the sky is the limit. The name plate below was made by using one of these Alphabet Charts 

Next, I mapped out "Bijou" on a piece of graph paper by simply coloring in the squares on my graph paper according to the alphabet chart.  I then decided how many empty squares I wanted to surround the name and using a ruler I drew a rectangle around the "Bijou" letters.  This tells me exactly how many stitches to knit my piece and how many row I need to complete the design. 

I dedicate this post to my needle-y crafting crocheter,soon to be knitter, Kimberly.


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