Thursday, January 13, 2011

Circle Journal 2010-2011 Living in the Now

Living in the now... right now, this was the theme for the journal (Sherri's) that I had this month. Even as a child I would stop and try and remember every little detail that was happening at that exact moment. I called it making a memory. Even still, I really struggled with this theme and how to translate "living in the now" into art.

Sherri mentioned that at the completion of this project, when she received  her journal back she wanted to sprinkle the artwork on the journal pages throughout her home in little frames.  I thought this was such an amazing idea.  Everyday you would be able to glance at the different pieces of art and be reminded of living in the now and your circle journal of friends.  So, from the beginning I knew I wanted to do some sort of painting that represented her and the things she held dear.

I tried a new style of art... I'm not sure what it is called, but I like the graphic nature of it and it reminds me of Sherri.

I used sharpies, and watercolors. Doesn't it look like Sherri?

I learned that Sherri likes Zentangle also known as Zendoodle.  I have been hearing this word alot lately but wasn't sure what it was.  I decided to step outside of my box and give it a try.  BEWARE it's very addictive.

"S" is for Sherri

I'm sending this 8 X 10 directly to her cause I didn't want to fold it.



twelvedaysold said...

Great job!

Mim said...

Wonderful! I'd know her anywhere!

Kelly said...

You nailed her :)

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