Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not according to plan :-/

So the laundry closet makeover is not going as planned.   First off, the closet is so small and the washer/dryer are so BIG that the wall decals I put up are barely noticeable.  GRRRRRR

The closet doors have had to come off (due to the BIG issue I mentioned before.) I did have the insight to switch out the red washer/dryer  for a white set when I realized that I wouldn't be able to close them off from the rest of the rooms (one crisis averted.)

The delivery guys said that if I replaced the rigid dryer vent with a flexible one, I would be able to slide the W/D back -meaning the doors would fit.  NOPE - NOT TRUE.  I installed said flexible hose and shimmied and shoved that stacked W/D and NADA doors still won't fit. Whatever...  I will probably end up slapping some curtains up there.....moving on.

I went to IKEA (wohooo) and purchased some shelving and some basket inserts. Once I got home and assembled one of the shelves (2nd crisis averted by not assembling both shelves) I realized that only one shelf would fit...I measured I swear.  Next day, exchanged shelf for a smaller one.... assembled it.... looking good.... uggggg it's slightly taller than the other one. Whatever.... I'll put feet under one of the shelves to raise it up.... moving on.

Now, remember those basket inserts I purchased at IKEA?  I was so excited I clipped off the tags tossed 'em.  I organized all the laundry stuff inside... lovin' them. Alas, these baskets won't fit on the smaller shelf.  I'm a bit OCD  I NEED matching baskets on the smaller shelf.  At $16 a piece these baskets weren't cheap even for IKEA. But I threw the dern tags away. 

I am so frustrated with the whole project... I kept thinking I've got to post the after pics on my blog. That day will not be today....LOL but I do have some pix of those suhhh-weet wall decals as I was installing them.


twelvedaysold said...

Go Ikea!

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