Monday, November 22, 2010

Circle Journal 2010 - The Sweet Spot

Denyse's request was simple - Using the questions provided "journal" about yourself.  I chose to answer the question " Who are you?" in the way I best express myself - visually instead of verbally. I also wanted this entry to be tangible in some way.

This is my opening page adjoining Miss Corine Moore's last page

Opening page
You never know what you're gonna get

Next - The middle pages of my entry

Life is like a box of chocolates

Box of chocolate truffles....

Made a raised candy box with a lid

Yum... Truffles

Lift the truffles out of the box to see the answers to the question I chose "Who Are You?"

I am... wife, mother, friend, sister, artist, ballerina

100%  Fat Free

Last page


Kelly said...

oh.....I wish it was going backwards so I could see this entry in person!!!
I absolutely love it!! Are those felt truffles???

twelvedaysold said...

Well. Now I'm hungry.

the jilted ballerina said...

Thanks Kelly.... I had lots of fun coming up with this entry. The truffles are made of felt. Just cut out 2 pieces of each candy shape stuff with fiberfill and stitch around the edge. Decorate the top with fabric paint.Super easy to make. Would be a great project for you and the Peanut to do together.

@12daysold... teeheee DITTO

Corine Moore said...

LOL - I just had to chuckle over the cleaverness of these pages. :) Very nicely done!

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