Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seeing Spots and Ravelry Love

Recently, I've been working on completing my profile on Ravelry. Uploading all of my crochet pix, pattern sources as well as hook size, and yarn used, is quite a daunting task. I love being able to see all of my projects side-by-side. You can even add works-in-progress WIP which gives me the little push I need to complete it ( I just can't stand having an unfinished project cluttering up my page.)  I have being using Ravelry for the longest time to search for patterns and gain inspiration, but until now I wasn't using the site to it's full potential. 

When each member uploads the patterns they have tried with pictures of the finished project the database grows.  You can find a pattern for virtually anything you have ever wanted to knit or crochet.  Let's just say you find a pattern for a hat, you can view this project completed by several different people. Maybe they made it with a different yarn in varying color-ways.  Maybe the pattern looked hideous on the original website and you would have never have tried it. 

Here is an original pattern of a baby sweater I came across... 

Not so attractive, eh? Now check out the pattern done in a different yarn and color-way.

Wow what a difference!  Would you have even attempted that pattern if all you had to go by was the picture of the first sweater? Not me.... I love Ravelry. Go make yourself an account today.

After working on an intense pattern the Temair Throw, I decided to make a quick and easy project. I am revising an afghan pattern I found on Lion Brand Yarns and making it into a rug for my kitchen out of cotton yarn. Here is a picture of the afghan. I am only making the larger circles for my rug.

And here are the beginnings of my interpretation of the above pattern.

It's a WIP but I love the graphic nature of the large circles in the contrasting colors of espresso and white. Keep yarnin'


twelvedaysold said...

Wow, I think you have me convinced to use Ravelry more! When I first heard about it, I decided to try it all out, and then never even did anything with it. But I agree, if my unfinished projects are just staring at me like that, I'll be more likely to finish them!

annielizabeth said...

Wow that will be stunning when it's finished! I just friended you on ravelry!

Shauna said...

Cute bloggg!!

barbi15 said...

I love your interpretation...well, I love Ravelry too!! Would love to see this wip when you finish it. Thanks for sharing!

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