Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Ball

Here is my latest painting.  I am still trying to find my niche. This could take a while.....


Sherri said...

very pretty! I love the way you have highlighted the colors in the gown... and her hair!

Sandy said...

I love your painting!! You really picked a difficult subject and did a very nice job of it! I am trying to learn how to paint also. I have some pics on my blog, www.TobyandMaxJewelry.blogspot.com.

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I would love feedback.
xoxoxo Sandy

Alyssa said...

nice job and beautiful! I really like the purple color of the gown and the faded background with glimpse of the other people at the ball. ;)Alyssa

twelvedaysold said...

It's like a fairy tale! I love the entire background, it's great.

the jilted ballerina said...

Thanks so much for the compliments... it keeps me going when I get discouraged. I think each time a paint a new picture I will improve :-)

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